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Below you can get some background information about the various Spanish courses that you can sign up for at our Spanish school in Mexico. Want more in-depth information?

General Language Courses

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The General Intensive Language Courses are our most popular programs. The intensity and duration of these courses vary depending on your preferences. In these courses your teacher will cover all the fundamental linguistic skills as well as cultural information. Class size is limited to 8 students, meaning you are guaranteed plenty of personal attention.

  • Intensive Spanish
    (20 Spanish lessons / week; 1-52 weeks)
  • Super Intensive Spanish
    (25 Spanish lessons / week; 1-52 weeks)
  • Part-Time Intensive Spanish
    (15 Spanish lessons / week; 1-10 weeks)

Premium Language Courses

Our Premium Language Courses are geared towards students who want to focus their studies entirely on language skills without the 5 cultural lessons included in the General Language Courses. To ensure more personal attention and optimal linguistic development, class size is even smaller than the General Language Courses. The Super Intensive and Super Immersion options additionally include one on one lessons.

  • Best of Both
    (15 mini-group lessons + 10 private lessons/ week; 1, 2, 3+ weeks)
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  • Combination Intensive
    (25 mini-group + 10 private lessons / week; 1, 2, 3+ weeks)
  • Combination Intensive+
    (25 mini-group + 15 private lessons / week; 1, 2, 3+ weeks)

Special Spanish Courses

Our Special Spanish Courses are designed for students who want to use their Spanish studies abroad to explore specific interests or achieve specific goals. From 100% custom-designed private lessons to volunteer programs, cultural topics and preparing for official exams, our Special Spanish Courses have a bit of everything.

  • Private Lessons
    (1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25+ lessons / week)
  • DELE Preparation Course
    (20 lessons / week; 4 weeks)
  • Christmas Program
    (20+5 lessons / week; 1 or 2 weeks)
  • Mexican Cooking Classes
    (1 or 2 weeks of lessons in addition to a Spanish course)
  • Volunteer Program
    (4-week Spanish course + min. 4-week volunteer project)
  • Student Groups (personalized program)
    Course: According to needs of the group.
    Duration: According to the needs of the group.

Business & Professional Spanish Courses

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Our business and professional courses are aimed at students of all ages and profesions who wish to acquire the language skills, cultural knowledge and job-related vocabulary to apply to their current or future professional fields. After all, the demand for Spanish-speaking professionals is skyrocketing!

  • Professional Spanish
    (25 lessons / week;1 or 2 weeks)
  • Spanish for Teachers
    (20 group lessons or 15 private lessons / week; 2 weeks)