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Guanajuato- san juan

The celebrations of San (Saint) Juan kick off during late June and culminate in the Opening of the Presa de la Olla Floodgates on the first Monday of July.


Head to the park area surrounding the Presa de la Olla reservoir, a few kilometers south of Guanajuato, for all sorts of artistic and cultural activities.


Guanajuato locals and visitors alike gather each year to revel in the energetic atmsophere of these popular back-to-back summer festivals. First on the agenda is the Festival of San Juan during the days leading up to June 24th, the saint's feast day. Head to the Presa de la Olla reservoir's natural surroundings for all sorts of festivities- dancing, music, and much more! The big bash is held on the 24th, the actual feast day of the saint, which is marked by dancing, music, picnics and fireworks.

Just a few days later, on the first Monday of July, the whole crowd comes back the Presa de la Olla reservoir to celebrate the spectacular annual opening of the floodgates. Celebrated since the 18th century, when the reservoir had to be periodically drained and allowed to fill back up, the undeniably practical annual event morphed into a celebration known as the "Apertura de la Presa de la Olla" (Opening of the Presa de la Olla Floodgates).

Guanajuato State's governor as well as the mayor of Guanajuato city participate in the festival. Before and after the governor signals the opening of the floodgates - when onlookers can feel the wind as a rushing waterfall pours out of the dam - there are festivities and events for all tastes. The state band performs throughout the day, always making sure to play the traditional waltz "Sobre las Olas" (Over the Waves) at the moment the floodgates are opened. Swimming and diving competitions are the highlights of an aquatic festival, while cultural and artistic festivities as well as picnics take place throughout the park.