Guanajuato, Mexico Introduction

Guanajuato centre

Guanajuato's city center, brimming with churches, colonial buildings and elegant houses, tells the story of the city's wealthy mining tradition. Its cobbled alleys, flanked by colonial façades leaning precariously towards each other, are picturesque and lively and contain a wealth of treasures.

Along with major cultural venues like the magnificent Teatro Juárez and the surprisingly excellent museum in which every single exhibit relates in some way to the infamous Don Quijote, the center is the city's social, touristic, dining and shopping hub. So soak up the atmosphere in the Jardín de la Unión, take a gastronomical tour in one of the many restaurants, peruse traditional stores for unique handicrafts and much more!

Where to experience culture in the City Center


  • Teatro Juárez (Juárez Theater)


  • Museo Iconográfico del Quijote (Don Quijote Iconographic Museum)